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WGA 1942408

A teenager who is losing his eyesight after an accident that killed is grandfather spins wild yarns about a planet where his vision is restored and his grandfather is alive -- then an alien boy shows up warning of an impending invasion..


Dean Kane lost his eyesight during an accident that killed his grandfather, Faulks. His cyberneticist mother has restored partial vision to him through Machine Mind Interface glasses. A psychologist helps him deal with the trauma, but Dean is convinced he is receiving information from an alien planet where his grandfather is still alive.

    Everything changes when his father returns from overseas with news that a university is claiming rights to Faulks’ Lab. Despite his mother’s misgivings, the whole family --Dean and his two sisters -- head for the remote compound.

    Dean and sister Sandy are reunited with their summer friend Ivan and they try to regain the fun times they once had. But Dean claims an alien boy haunts the woods and lake. The boy from Planet X tells Dean that he must help stop a looming invasion of Earth by bringing a missing device called the Azimuth back to the alien world.

    His wild yarns do not sit well with his parents. His mother wants to have the vision prosthesis removed, believing it is exacerbating his trauma. His philologist father has been deciphering some of his son’s made up language and begins to doubt that prognosis.

    Then the boy from Planet X takes Dean through a dimensional Doorway to his world. There, Dean regains full sight. A civil war is in full swing because their Azimuth, which tunes the Doorway, has been stolen and now the only way off their dying planet is to Earth. Stolen by Grandfather Faulks.

    Dean returns to Earth to warn them, but too late. A large alien beast arrives and begins to entomb the house. Smaller creatures attack the family trapped inside. Dean and his friends escape and find the graveyard where Faulks was buried. There Dean begins to realize that the Azimuth is stowed in his own mind and emotions can trigger the Doorway.

    Dean returns to the alien planet in hopes of setting everything right. But his family is still trapped down in a storm cellar. They fight back desperately. Dean’s mother dies of a wound, and then his father is killed trying to make a rush for it.

In the third act, the remaining family members escape through the Doorway, which maroons them on the alien world. Family issues rise to a head under pressure.

    Dean discovers that the consciousness of his grandfather is still alive in an alien machine, but it must be destroyed in order to restore the Azimuth to the locals and halt the invasion of Earth.

    Dean must let Grandfather Faulks go, and accept a return to blindness. Which he does.

But there is a consolation—traveling through the dimensional Doorway reverses time by a few days and his parents are still alive. Everybody remembers the invasion except them. There is a father and son reunion as they visit Faulks’ grave, and afterwards, Dean catches a glimmer of sunlight.

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