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This page is under construction. No digital copies are currently available for Champion and the original publisher has closed doors.  Someday I will have the book available here...Green's World coming soon.



Originally published by Hilliard & Harris

​ISBN 1-59133-041-6

Copyright 2003

Cover designed by S.A. Reilly

My Bio as a writer:

I sent my first manuscript in (to Night Gallery) when I was a freshman in high school.

By the end of High School I had completed my first novel, Crimson Horizon, along with numerous short stories.

At San Francisco State I began to diversify, taking screen and play-writing classes and writing poetry. I also completed the novels Big Sleep In Search Of Hades and Children of Ra.

For my MA in English I completed a 1000+ page historical novel, The Pagan Vale, set against the 4th Crusade.

Champion Of The Dead was published in 2003 in hardback and trade editions. I had planned to write a trilogy, but that never came to fruition. (Still might.)

Soon after Champion, I started Galaxsis Publishing, and wrote four complete novels for "chapter book" readers, hoping to encourage reading and interest in Science Fiction. I brought out the first novel, Green's World, in 2004, and took it directly to classrooms, where I read and talked about writing and science.

Current projects are all screenplays. In 2012 I attended Pitchfest in LA.


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