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                    RULE THE WORLD

WGA 1882030 © 2018

On the run with a man who claims to be from another world, a female veteran must decide if he's an escaped psycho or if his plan to conquer Earth is real and maybe even worth supporting.



 After retreating to a cabin in the mountains, Gabriel Salvas confronts the emotional wreckage that her time as a medic in the army has left her with.

    Then her cabin is invaded by Alex Temujin.  He is badly torn up, with a mysterious black bolt lodged in his side. Gabriel sutures him up and hikes to town to get help but traumatic flashbacks overwhelm her.

    These combat flashbacks are written for a micro budget, the shots tight on Gabriel and an Arab Girl tied before a house as a human shield. All combat is suggested by sound effects and one brief hail of bullets. The repeating sequence builds to a pivotal moment that defines Gabriel’s anguish and ultimate redemption.

    It’s clear that Alex is somehow detaining her with the flashbacks once he reveals that he comes from an advanced civilization and his mission is to gain control of the planet. Then Mark, an old crush from high-school, comes to visit. His easy-going ways contrast sharply with the dynamic and mysterious Alex, leaving Gabriel deeply conflicted.

    Alex’s exotic claims quickly take a dark turn. Another old friend and now famous MMA fighter visits Gabriel. Alex confronts him and easily defeats him. Next, Alex tests his ability to detect lethal intent by forcing Gabriel to try shooting him as he rushes at Mark with a knife.

    Fleeing, Mark is detained by two men who are able to view his memories of the day. The mysterious Guardians follow Mark back to the cabin and launch an attack. Gabriel and Mark barely escape.

    Alex also goes on the run and they soon join up as the damaged Guardians fuse together to form a vicious Alien Hunter beast. They find an abandoned lodge to hide out in, but by now Alex’s powers have grown and he uses his hyper-advanced brain to make a call to a four-star General, along with launch codes.

    The next morning the General arrives with a military contingent that surrounds the lodge. Alex asks probing questions about security in nuclear facilities, which the General is compelled to divulge. Gabriel realizes that Alex’s claims are true, but his effect on her has been to reverse much of the combat stress, allowing her to see her decision as an act of valor and not stupidity.

    The tense psychological games culminate when the fearsome Hunter tracking Alex shows up and they engage in combat that flashes with otherworldly powers and impossibly quick action. Alex is defeated and the black bolt—the Xenowasp—erupts from Gabriel’s chest, where it had been secretly cached. The Xenowasp chose Gabriel as host and she can send the Guardians or Alex back to their own realms. Gabriel allows Alex to decide, and because he has shared her painful but redemptive experiences, he relinquishes his mission.

     The double twist ending reveals that Mark was never there, a construct of alien technology, and Gabriel realizes that her proximity to Alex has altered her DNA and she is pregnant with a child that will have his advanced mental powers and will forever change the world. 

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